A clock with 4 alarms
reminds you to take your medication up to for times a day. Simple press of a button deactivates alarm when you have taken your pills. The pillbox is small (4 x 10 cm) and discreet with adjustable compartments.
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 Brochure Dosis 1 pillbox
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Large-digit LCD display
shows the time and indicates number of dosage times selected per day. If a dosage is missed, the display shows one or more crossed number and "MISSED PILL" twinkles to remind the patient and/or caregiver.
Separate buttons
for setting hour - minute - alarms. The alarms can all be set at one time and the settings can be locked.

Dosage for 1-week
Seven separate pillboxes in a tray stores the weekly medications.
Flexible compartments
in the container can be adjusted for the quantities of tablets. Four spacious compartments make it easy to put in and take out the pills.

The clock-unit is attached to a pillbox.